Refined garden drawing based on earlier sketch

Refined garden drawing based on earlier sketch

Welcome to Drawn to Garden, a blog dedicated to seeing how gardens come to life- from a sketch on paper, to plants in the ground. In this blog I’m also going to explore how gardens evolve over time, how they might need to be tweaked or augmented, including my own garden! We bought our property in Spring of 2014, and have since been chipping away at various projects. Even though I’m a garden designer by profession, my yard is by no means perfect, it is a work in progress, and only parts of it are photogenic in certain seasons. I want to share what my husband and I have learned during the process of creating a garden from scratch, what we recommend and discourage, so you don’t have to make the same mistakes.

Keep checking back for other topics of interest such as:

  • How to envision and draw your garden
  • Interviews with other Garden Designers & Illustrators
  • Garden creation from sketch to reality
  • Books about gardening
  • Favorite plant picks

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– Erin