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Coloring Book now on Amazon!

drawn to garden coloring book

Finally! The Drawn to Garden Coloring Book is now available on Amazon! This comes after several months of drawing to add 20 more illustrations to the original coloring book, previously sold exclusively through this website. Now featuring a total 40 illustrations, this coloring book is replete with lush and inviting garden scenes. Though the cover is portrait format, the actual illustrations are landscape format (a result of not being able to bind the book on the short side). The gardens come from designs I’ve created for clients, gardens I have visited, and gardens I have completely made up in my imagination. See below for some examples of illustrations in the book:

Drawn to Garden Coloring Book

Sample Pages in the Drawn to Garden Coloring Book

In future posts, I will go into detail on how I transformed existing designs into coloring book ready illustrations (hint- I remove any indications of normal civilization!). In my normal work as a Landscape Designer I am hand-drawing perspective sketches to help my clients visualize my designs. By leaving these illustrations un-colored, I realized I had the beginnings of an adult coloring book on my desk! Add to the fact that adult coloring books are still very popular (many in the top 100 books on Amazon), I decided, why not just edit my drawings slightly so that they can become a collection of coloring pages. Another thing that I realized as I was looking through the coloring book offerings- practically NONE of the garden centric coloring books had any sense of perspective! They were all two-dimensional, wallpaper like designs, that had zero sense of depth. So hopefully this coloring book creates a different niche for colorists who want to feel themselves get lured into the scene they are coloring.

Please check it out and let me know what you think! (Note: I still offer a Digital/ Ebook version on my website, it has less expensive and only contains the 20 original illustrations.)